I'm very happy I found Frances, a professional massage therapist. I had someone I was really happy with before however she moved from the area. I've been looking for someone who was just as professional and could help ease the aches and pains I get in my shoulder and back. Fortunately Frances is that massage therapist. She asks the right questions and works the areas that you need relief from. I've gone to other massage therapists but I could never find one that I was especially comfortable with. Also her prices are unbelievable. I drive from inside the 610 loop to Pearland about a 25-30 minute drive to her place of business in Pearland from my home. Frances makes me feel at ease. She uses a heating pad that is placed under the sheet and has me facing up to help release the tension in my lower back before she begins the massage session. This helps a lot. This is just an example of how she approaches her client's needs.
Betsy P.

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of TX since Oct.2004, and I have also worked with Chiropractors since Nov.2004. I really enjoy helping people feel Relaxed, Stress Free and Pain free.  I have been married for 13 yrs & we have 3 children. I also love how my husband really supports my Passion to help others.

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Frances Miles L.M.T. #: MT043352

​​​​​I am a massage therapist of more than 10 years. After a 17 hour drive to Houston I knew my body needed the hands of an experienced, knowledgeable therapist. After searching the Web for nearly 1 hour for a therapist with the training and experience my body needed and after having interviewing six therapists, on phone and online, I was glad to find Frances. She responded to all my questions, addressed all my concerns. Her rates were very reasonable as well. She was also able to make last minute arrangements bring in another therapist so I could take my niece along. When she started working on me, I knew I had made the best choice. She released my knotted back and neck. Gave me relief from achy muscles. Her complimentary aromatherapy was a very welcome add-on. Her space was well decorated, soothing comfortable and professionally laid out. I cannot say enough good things about Frances. I intend to return to her on my each time I visit Houston. Thank you, Frances!
Maryanne K.